Week 4 – 24 Hour Presentations

This past week we watched each group’s 24 hour presentations. I found multiple things interesting about each presentation-including the fact that you get to know each person through the pictures they see everyday or experience. I noticed there were a lot of advertisements and graphic art. Some people focused more on advertisements while some people focused more on photography alone. There was a variety of exhibitions, advertisements, models, posters, ID’s, and family portraits. I found the context of some presentations interesting-I remember seeing a photo of a magazine in a trash can. I think context can bring an image to life and tell an interesting story. I also realized models in particular look all similar in the face and characteristics. Based on the pictures people photographed, you can make assumptions about people’s jobs and lifestyles. One student said he got written up twice for taking pictures at work for “security reasons.” I found it interesting that stores are allowed to videotape us for security reasons but we aren’t allowed to take pictures for our own enjoyment. I also found Group 11’s presentation to be quite interesting because of the different angles and point of views she used in her photos. This made me think about how we see images everyday from different perspectives. Everybody had their own interpretation of the assignment and also chose what they “wanted” to see. I’m almost positive everybody didn’t take a picture of every image they saw, including myself, just because we choose what we want to see and avoid what makes us uncomfortable. I approached the assignment more through pictures I took at work and also from my house and my boyfriend’s house. It’s strange to me because I thought more about taking pictures of portraits rather than advertisements. I don’t really think it occurred to me that advertisements are photography too, in their own way. I wish I could re-do my assignment to include more advertisements and magazine pictures.

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