Week 5

I don’t usually watch the news or keep up with it because it makes me stressed. I did recognize several photos in class including the one with the staged couple kissing, the atomic bomb pictures, and pictures of the concentration camps. My mom has a client who is a Holocaust survivor so I have seen some of the cruelty people had to face in the concentration camps.

As for Abu Ghraib, I found all of the Google images to be quite disturbing-there were a lot of images we viewed in class. There are also a few parodies including a picture of a man bent over with a black bag over his face and a coffee table on his back with a bottle of what appears to be alcohol like some kind of advertisement. Another parody includes a picture of lego figures acting out one of the pictures from Abu Ghraib. There was an image of a man holding his arms out like a cross with what appears to be fecal matter all over his body. I found this to be so disturbing that another human being could force someone to pose like this and humiliate themselves, let alone take a picture of them like this. I’ve never seen anything like this. According to New York Times, nine American soldiers were found guilty of abusing and humiliating Abu Ghraib prisoners. I found it interesting that so many people could be part of something so evil and not stand up to do anything about it. I also found it interesting that they blamed this event on the “shortage of professional interrogators to handle the growing number of detainees.”

In class we learned about Mathew Brady, who was the first man to photograph war images including that of the American Civil War. Mathew Brady was a leader of photographers documenting the war effort. Brady’s exhibition “The Dead of Antietam” was the first people viewed of the actual war.

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