Week 6 – Google Hunt

For my Google image search, I looked up the following words and found these images.






I could predict the kinds of images that came up for the words: love, beauty, extraordinary, nature, and happiness. I expected a man and woman for love; a beautiful woman for beauty, and a forest/trees/or some kind of flower for nature. I liked the pictures that came up for extraordinary and happiness though because for happiness I saw a lot of smiling faces but decided to pick a picture that was more abstract. I found it kind of irritating that so many attractive females came up for all of the words in general. I found the picture of the island to be creative (and Photoshopped). I liked how it portrayed life above the ocean and below the ocean in a very unique way. When I google searched an image I used a picture of my boyfriend and this is what came up:

I think the Google image search is programmed to match up colors mainly and background color. All of the pictures have the same common colors as the shirt Vince is wearing and most of the pictures have a tan brownish background. What is different is how many people or the gender of the person in the pictures because it all varies.

My group (group 7) is working very well together. We have all been meeting consistently every week usually on Mondays or Wednesdays at 5:00 pm in Charlie’s cafe. We’ve had a few issues about confusion with due dates, but they have all been cleared up.

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