Assignment 8 – Photobooks

1. After about 20-30 minutes of looking at online photo book order websites (tons of wedding photography…), I decided to look through the Blurb website and was pleasantly surprised. I found a book called Trust in Passing Hours by Amanda Penecale, and was very excited by her photography. Her editing and photography is very urban with dark and light contrasts and different perspectives. I like how Amanda sequences her photos- she orders them by similar colors, textures, lighting, etc. I like the picture of what appears to be a bird’s wing, and how the next photo is a picture of a girl’s tattoo, which is of birds. She makes obvious connections and then not so obvious connections. For example, the image of a woman sitting alone compared to children riding a swing in a group. I believe she does this to add a contrast- the loneliness compared to a group of people. There is also a black and white photo of a woman playing the violin next to a black and white photo of a couple walking. The obvious comparison is the coloring, but there is also an atmospheric mood set with the woman playing the violin-you can almost imagine a song playing as the couple walk along the sidewalk. I very much appreciate this woman’s artwork and am considering buying this book. Here are some pictures I found in the preview:

1 (continued. extra credit). I also decided to look up my favorite photographer Rosie Hardy (sorry, I keep bringing her up on this blog!) Just because I was curious and didn’t know if she had any photo books, and was surprised again to find that she does! She has one called Unhappily Ever After, which features a story of photos relating disturbing fairy tales to the harsh statistics of drug use, spousal abuse, depression, terrorism, car accidents, etc. Nobody likes to hear about these startling statistics, but Rosie’s photography portrays and educates people in an artistic way. She also has a book called Photography and Photomanipulation, which describes her personal tips and tricks in editing photography. I definitely will add this to my Christmas list! Here are some of the photos from her book Unhappily Ever After.

2. The picture I found through Flickr is titled Self by Manuela Di Pisa. I found this photo to be quite interesting because I don’t usually look for self portraits or close up face portraits. The image is black and white and there is also a texture overlaying the face- it almost looks like a facial netting you would wear at a funeral, in fact the picture almost looks like a widow mourning her lost husband. This is what I like about certain photography is that you can imagine your own story and find new interesting things in a picture if you just take the time to look at it. Once again, I couldn’t really find anything of interest through Google, so I resorted back to Flickr. Here is the photo:

3. For a still image photographer, I just typed in still photo into the Flickr search engine. I found a lot of still photos of food, but I found one photographer’s images to be interesting (an hjhipster, they did not display their name). I’m not sure if it fits the still imagery depiction, but I was excited by how sharp their work was. They had a lot of macro shots, emphasizing the object and blurring the background. Here is a link to their flickr page:

4. My search was fairly easy, although it was hard not to get distracted by side websites (I came across a website with an article on 10 ways to be a bad photographer ha ha). But I just decided to take the easy way and use Blurb book and Flickr. I feel I can always find good quality photography on these sites. I found a lot of photo book websites to be centered around wedding photography, which kind of irritated me. It is hard to find good quality artistic, unique photo books. All of the work I found helped me to gain insight on what kind of final project I want to create. I liked Amanda Penecale’s photo book especially because of her sequencing and ordering of photos; how she tells a story through the related images, color, textures, and concepts.

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