Week 10

1. Stephen Marc covered many things in his lecture including the techniques he uses in his photography. This includes lighting techniques, advice on photography disclosure, and to always leave a photographic situation easy if not easier for others to follow in your footsteps. Some advice Marc gave us includes don’t promise to give away photographs and don’t give your camera to a stranger because you won’t get it back. Also, try and carry a booklet of your work to show people when they get angry or anxious about you photographing them or something you may not be allowed to photograph. Marc has traveled to many interesting places including Ghana, Africa, Jamaica, England, and many more places. He has also created a project he named after the Underground Railroad. Marc uses his photography mixed with archives and found images to create collages with meaning and depth-he also referred to himself as a digital montage photographer. He’s done work for the Avalon Library and train station-his public art leads to bigger projects. Some of the places/monuments he’s wanted to photograph have taken him two years to get permission and six to eight months to actually visit. Marc also teaches a class dedicated to Digital Compositing and Printing. I found Stephen Marc’s digital montages to be quite fascinating as he creates his own artwork with different pieces. He even uses historical drawings and places them in the actual location they happened at through photography. I really like these collages and I have done some similar work back in high school as far as digital montages through Photoshop. I think it’s neat that Marc travels so much to photograph different places where historical events took place-it’s almost as if he is re-enacting it through his own artwork.

2. My family tradition of photography has always been pretty much the same as other families-we photograph mostly important events like birthdays, graduations, parties, and holidays. Back before Facebook and faster internet connection we would use disposable cameras and print the pictures for photo albums. That’s the thing I find kind of disappointing about the internet is that more and more people are posting family pictures online rather than printing them for photo albums. I feel like photo albums are great keepsakes, and aren’t as much relevant with the advancing “internet albums.”

3. I feel like as my sister and I grew up both my parents were really into photographing us as we aged and grew older. Now that I am older I feel like I know more about cameras and technology so I take the pictures at the special events instead of my mom or dad. Photography is valued in my family to capture moments but I feel like I enjoy photography more than my family does.

4. I like looking through old family photographs because it’s fun to look back on memories that I don’t really remember. It’s also fun to see how all of my family looked at different points in our life. Photographs are a fun way of talking about stories that happened long ago and I enjoy looking through them.

5. My family still takes photographs, but rather than printing them and putting them in a photo album, they are now uploading them to Facebook. I guess this makes photos more accessible rather than trying to find old family photo albums-but I feel there’s something more valuable in actually holding the photograph rather than looking it up on the internet.

6. The function of my family photos is to capture memories to look back on as we grow older and forget. Photos remain after we have gone.

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