Week 15 – Family Presentation Reflection

Based on my fellow group members and professor’s feedback, I’d say my family project was pretty successful. I accomplished my goal in explaining my concept clearly without having to rely on a spoken explanation of the work itself. I liked that my audience knew enough information (like that my project was based on a family memorial), but didn’t get the whole picture until the end of the movie I made (the conclusion states “In memory of my Uncle Mark.”) By just showing the right amount of material I was able to keep my audience guessing, and the reveal at the end makes my concept more appealing, I feel. My audience was led to believe this was a memorial for a certain family member, which they guessed was my father-but then later discovers it was for my Uncle. They could also guess it was a memorial based on the sad music I added to the movie. My audience also liked the fact that I presented my Uncle’s life backwards-starting from his latest age all the way up to childhood (this is why I named my project “Born Again”). Based on the feedback I received, I feel like I could have cropped my Uncle in some of the pictures I used, so that he didn’t get lost in the bigger group family shots-this would make it easier to tell which person the memorial is meant for. I could also have cleaned up a few of the pictures because they were older images that were scanned onto my computer, but I also liked the feel of older pictures and generations. In conclusion, I feel like my concept and message was delivered thoroughly to my audience and I feel achieved my goal in this assignment.



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