Extra Credit Questions

1. This semester has been full of changes for me. I started off with my “cruddy” Lumix camera of five years with a little black dot on it that would never go away, and made a pretty hefty purchase and bought a beautiful Canon SLR. This has made me break out of my shell and go shooting more often and has also increased my likeness for photography. I got a bigger USB and can take more pictures now more than ever. My workflow has stayed the same and I keep all of my files organized on my computer (keep the bad in a separate folder, and the good in its own folder).

2. I definitely see photography differently than I have after taking this class. We addressed many issues such as family, sex, and war and questioned what the Internet has done to these concepts. I never really got down to thinking about how easy it is to access certain images, but this class has definitely expanded my knowledge of the dissemination of photography.

3. I enjoyed the family assignment as it was pretty emotional for me to make a memorial for my Uncle and I feel like my concept was good and interested my audience. I also enjoyed talking about sex on the internet just because its’ such a risky topic and it’s always interesting to talk about sex.

4. I think the only thing that needs to be improved is maybe clearer due dates and more days or hours contributed to the studio aspect of the class.



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